Sicilian Genealogy

Searching for Family Roots

Ever since I started my website, I've gottem more and more requests to lookinto the roots and background of many Sicilian families. So, I decided tomake this page entirely dedicated for this use. If there is anyone thatwould like birth certificates or marriage certificates, etc. of grandparentsor great grandparents (I've gone back to the 1850's) I would be glad to lookinto it to see what I can find. I can look up family status certificates andeven trying looking backwards to find out if there are still remainingrelatives living here. Many people remember little things of thier childhoodor things they remember hearing about the 'Old Country' I will try to be yourmemory. Sicilians are proud people, working people, persons that have raisedwonderful families because thier strength is the true values of life andkeeping together family traditions and heritages. Hope to hear from you soon. | first page